Thursday, 10 June 2010

Outfit of the day ! ! !

This was an outfit i wore a couple of days ago, I love this dress so much it fits in all the right places.
The dress is from Topshop - £35
The Cardigan is from Primark - £10
The Belt is from Primark - £1.00
The Boots are from New look - £25
The necklace is a gift from the boyfriend

I also found this amazing blog called its amazing she's a plus size girl who has an incrediable fashion sense. Please follow her ! ! !


Sorry i have been M.I.A recently, i have been back home in Brighton and also me and my boyfriend are moving out of our first flat, so its sad and stressful at the same time. Today i don't feel so good, so i thought id cheer myself up with some nice new nails. I used Mac Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer in Somthing about pink. I must say i love Mac nail varnish it stays on, also the colour is bright and pigminted.

I may do a blog giveaway, what kind of things do people want me to offer, ive seen an increase in the secret giveaway, so you wont know what youve won till you get it. Is that a good or bad idea? Give me some ideas.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


1. What can't you leave the house without? - My Bag Which Has Everything In It Such As: Ipod, Keys, Makeup, Phone, Wallet, Perfume And A Mirror.

2. Favourite make-up brand? - Definitly Mac or Definilty Clinique Its Hard I Cannot Choose.

3. Favourite flower? - Roses - My Boyfriend Gets Me these Light Pink, Looks Like Vintage Roses There Absolouty Gorgeous.

4. Favourite clothing store? - Riverisland, Primark, Asos, Topshop, H&M and Vivienne Westwood

5. Favourite perfume? - Daisy by Marc Jacobs Its Smells Amazing

6. Heels or flats? - Flats, Im 5ft 7 And When I Wear Heels I Topple Over My Friends, And When They Where Heels Out Im The Same Height As Them So I Prefer To Wear Flats.

7. Did you make good grades? - Yes I Got My GCSE, A Levels And Now Im Graduating From University :)

8. Favourite colours? - Nudes, Purples, Black And Pink

9. Do you drink energy drinks? - Yes If They Where Not Invented Then I Would Never Be Awake For My Morning Lectures.

10. Do you drink juice? - Yes Love Apple Juice And Mango

11. Do you like swimming? - Yes

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? - Yes Or If Im Having A Take Out Then No

13. Favourite moisturiser? - Eucerin, Its Amazing

14. Do you want to get married? - Would Love to, I Have Spoken About It With My Boyfriend And He Wants To, Were Only 20 And 22 So We Have All The Time In The World.

15. Do you get mad easily? - Depends On Who It Is With

16. Are you into ghost hunting? No And Yes

17. Any phobias? SPIDERS - God There Disgusting

18. Do you bite your nails? Yes And Always Have

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? - No

20. Do you drink coffee? - No Coffee Is Disgusting Im More Into Tea :)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Loving and Loathing this week

  • Selling stuff on ebay and makeing loads of monies
  • Looking at holidays for the end of august as its my birthday and i wanna do somthing special as its my 21st
  • My boyfriend has gone to the Azores for the week and My family have gone to Paris for the week so im all alone, going to be hard to find stuff to do.
  • All my uni friends have gone home
  • Being alone.

P.s I went to superdrug and bought 3 of the MUA number 6 lipsticks without checking, i really want MUA 5 lipstick therefore does anyone wanna do a swap with me, im desprite for number 5 as its sold out everytime i go to town.Would be very grateful. Thank you guys ! ! ! !

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jewellery i have bought this month ! ! ! ! ! !

This blog post is about the jewellery i bought over this month.
This is the drawer which i recently bought to store my new jewlerry in, its so cute and has a vintage flower print which i absoloutly love and was a bargin at £5.00

This is a cupcake necklace that my boyfriend got me from Riverisland, he knows how much i love cupcakes and bows there my favourite thing.

This is a necklace i bought from Accessorise for £5 i love vintage themes and this cameo necklace was perfect.

This is the other necklace my boyfriend got me hes so sweet.
This necklace is from H&M i think it was £2.99 its perfect for the summer and festivals, its long to so i can wear it with other necklaces.
This bracelet was from riverisland, i think im going to wear it tomorrow when we go out its so cute and sparkly i love it. It was from Riverisland for £7.99
As you know i love Lily Allen and had to pick up this necklace its beautiful and it looks good day and night its one of my favourite necklaces. It was £14.99 from Argos

This ring is from i dont remeber lol think i picked it up in topshop not sure but its a bow and cute.

These were from primark for £1.50 there so cute have not worn them yet, but im sure i will.

These earrings where from Miss selfridge, there cameo to and there perfect for day time and evening. I think they were £1.50
These earrings are from Riverisland they are perfect for the summer and will go with everything i love them they were £6.99.
This bracelet was from Debenhams and its perfect for the summer its got beautiful details all over it and i can wear it in the evening it was £18.00

This is how i store all my necklaces because i live in student accomodation there is no room for anything, so i bought this little body thing and now layer all my jewellery on there it looks super cute to.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Photos From This Week

This first photo is when me and my boyfriend decided to go the cinema to see iron man 2 which was shockinly bad. I wore this parka from red herring, top from H&M, skinny jeans from new look and my new brogues from faith.
These are the new brogues only £20 from faith and there studded to ! ! ! :)

This is wear i decided to try geek i really likeit may have to do it again ! !

These are my new nails at the moment, mac hello kitty nail varnish and black sencil bows i love :)

These are my new rings i bough they are all from Miss selfridge, Primark and H&M ! ! !

I bought a trilby i love it, perfect for the summer weather

Sunday, 16 May 2010

About me !

Three nicknames I go by

Three jobs I've had
Working in a cafe
Working for my dad

Three places I've lived

Three favourite drinks
Milk Shake

Three TV shows I watch
Sex and the city
Secret diary of a call girl
Snog, Marry, Avoid

Three places I've been

Three places I want to visit
New York

Three people who text me a lot


Three favourite dishes
Chicken Byriani
chicken in a cream and pesto sauce with gnocci
Prawn thi green curry

Three makeup products I couldn't live without

Three things I'm looking forward to
Buying a house
Getting a bichon called fifi