Tuesday, 1 June 2010


1. What can't you leave the house without? - My Bag Which Has Everything In It Such As: Ipod, Keys, Makeup, Phone, Wallet, Perfume And A Mirror.

2. Favourite make-up brand? - Definitly Mac or Definilty Clinique Its Hard I Cannot Choose.

3. Favourite flower? - Roses - My Boyfriend Gets Me these Light Pink, Looks Like Vintage Roses There Absolouty Gorgeous.

4. Favourite clothing store? - Riverisland, Primark, Asos, Topshop, H&M and Vivienne Westwood

5. Favourite perfume? - Daisy by Marc Jacobs Its Smells Amazing

6. Heels or flats? - Flats, Im 5ft 7 And When I Wear Heels I Topple Over My Friends, And When They Where Heels Out Im The Same Height As Them So I Prefer To Wear Flats.

7. Did you make good grades? - Yes I Got My GCSE, A Levels And Now Im Graduating From University :)

8. Favourite colours? - Nudes, Purples, Black And Pink

9. Do you drink energy drinks? - Yes If They Where Not Invented Then I Would Never Be Awake For My Morning Lectures.

10. Do you drink juice? - Yes Love Apple Juice And Mango

11. Do you like swimming? - Yes

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? - Yes Or If Im Having A Take Out Then No

13. Favourite moisturiser? - Eucerin, Its Amazing

14. Do you want to get married? - Would Love to, I Have Spoken About It With My Boyfriend And He Wants To, Were Only 20 And 22 So We Have All The Time In The World.

15. Do you get mad easily? - Depends On Who It Is With

16. Are you into ghost hunting? No And Yes

17. Any phobias? SPIDERS - God There Disgusting

18. Do you bite your nails? Yes And Always Have

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? - No

20. Do you drink coffee? - No Coffee Is Disgusting Im More Into Tea :)

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