Saturday, 29 May 2010

Loving and Loathing this week

  • Selling stuff on ebay and makeing loads of monies
  • Looking at holidays for the end of august as its my birthday and i wanna do somthing special as its my 21st
  • My boyfriend has gone to the Azores for the week and My family have gone to Paris for the week so im all alone, going to be hard to find stuff to do.
  • All my uni friends have gone home
  • Being alone.

P.s I went to superdrug and bought 3 of the MUA number 6 lipsticks without checking, i really want MUA 5 lipstick therefore does anyone wanna do a swap with me, im desprite for number 5 as its sold out everytime i go to town.Would be very grateful. Thank you guys ! ! ! !

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