Thursday, 10 June 2010

Outfit of the day ! ! !

This was an outfit i wore a couple of days ago, I love this dress so much it fits in all the right places.
The dress is from Topshop - £35
The Cardigan is from Primark - £10
The Belt is from Primark - £1.00
The Boots are from New look - £25
The necklace is a gift from the boyfriend

I also found this amazing blog called its amazing she's a plus size girl who has an incrediable fashion sense. Please follow her ! ! !


  1. i love that cardigan colour :) very pretty outfit :) xx

  2. Oh my, thank you so much for the mention lovely! I love this whole outfit, can't believe the belt is from Primark (and only £1!) I tried on one of their belts a while back that was tagged "one size" and it looked awful, much to small for me, so unfortunately I can't buy them. Wish they would stock s/m/l like most other shops! You look fabulous! xo

  3. also... high five for Criminology! I would love to study that eventually.

  4. Hey hun, i know i have the trouble of buying things to like belts in primark that are for jeans and a l doesnt even go round me, i know people are like if your fat do somthing about it, but i dont care im happy the way i am.

    Yeh criminology is so fun, i loved it if you love crime and blood then do it lol.


  5. Hi Lauren!
    Been reading your blogposts a lot lately
    I love that cardigan
    And the dress looks really nice
    Hope you go back to blogging soon!
    Cause I tagged you in my boys boys boys tag post.
    xx Elle