Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jewellery i have bought this month ! ! ! ! ! !

This blog post is about the jewellery i bought over this month.
This is the drawer which i recently bought to store my new jewlerry in, its so cute and has a vintage flower print which i absoloutly love and was a bargin at £5.00

This is a cupcake necklace that my boyfriend got me from Riverisland, he knows how much i love cupcakes and bows there my favourite thing.

This is a necklace i bought from Accessorise for £5 i love vintage themes and this cameo necklace was perfect.

This is the other necklace my boyfriend got me hes so sweet.
This necklace is from H&M i think it was £2.99 its perfect for the summer and festivals, its long to so i can wear it with other necklaces.
This bracelet was from riverisland, i think im going to wear it tomorrow when we go out its so cute and sparkly i love it. It was from Riverisland for £7.99
As you know i love Lily Allen and had to pick up this necklace its beautiful and it looks good day and night its one of my favourite necklaces. It was £14.99 from Argos

This ring is from i dont remeber lol think i picked it up in topshop not sure but its a bow and cute.

These were from primark for £1.50 there so cute have not worn them yet, but im sure i will.

These earrings where from Miss selfridge, there cameo to and there perfect for day time and evening. I think they were £1.50
These earrings are from Riverisland they are perfect for the summer and will go with everything i love them they were £6.99.
This bracelet was from Debenhams and its perfect for the summer its got beautiful details all over it and i can wear it in the evening it was £18.00

This is how i store all my necklaces because i live in student accomodation there is no room for anything, so i bought this little body thing and now layer all my jewellery on there it looks super cute to.


  1. WOW! That jewelry case is SO cute. I love all of the necklaces, they are all so adorable and fun. Especially the panda!
    Love Poppy

  2. Aw thnxs hun, the jewellery case is from the range lol. I love the panda am thinking about getting more from the lily allen range. x