Thursday, 13 May 2010

Trip To London To Shop And See A Show

Hey Guys,
Went to London yesterday to celebrate my friends 21st birthday, as i live in Southampton now due to university it took me an hour and half, compared to at home in Brighton when it took 45 mins, i hate train journeys there so boring and i get really impatient really quickly, think its a bad quality i have.

So when we arrived in London decided to go to Tottenham Court Road to get tickets for We Will Rock You, they didn't have any, so had to travel to Leicester Square got them for £35 so very cheap. Then went to Camden to go to 'The Diner' wasn't very good, so wouldn't recommend it to be honest.

Then went shopping in OXFORD STREET my god do i love it there just because the shops are open to 11pm and not 9pm.

Went to River Island and bought this dress £24.99 and shoes £12.99

Then went to Primark, getting kinda bored of it but managed to pick up this pretty dress for £5

After shopping went back to see We Will Rock You, i hated it, the only good thing about it was the Queen songs and when it finished, me and all my friends were so disappointed so left as soon as it finished.

Here are some photos from the day !


  1. I love days like that they are the best. Your little Primark dress is cute did not see that in there. Funny I have just done a shopping haul blog as well x

  2. Sorry you had such a horrible day :P

  3. lol i had a great day shame that the musical was crap lol u should blog about what you bought.

  4. u know that dress we saw in topshop in their underwear section, on their website it was in the dress evening section so guess you can wear in the evening xx

  5. I saw that, I want to buy it and wear it to the graduation ball!

  6. u should its gorgeous i also like the dress you showed me on your facebook the second one its like the one we tried on, without the gold bits. xx

  7. I love the river island dress.
    LOL at the busted card! I had that for my 16th birthday :)


  8. lol my friend got it for me for my 15th birthday so i went to clintons and found it and was like il defo get her that for her 21st she saw the funny side of it :), thanks hun my friend said to get it, glad i did :) xx

  9. Your friend sounds awesome :) hehe