Friday, 26 February 2010

Product Rave ! ! ! ! Gosh Lip Gloss

I Very Rarely Wear Lip Glosses But Decided To Pick This Gosh One Up As It Was Only £3.50.
The Lip Gloss Is A Beautiful Shade Of Pink and When Placed On The Lips Gives A Nice Sheer Of Pink As I Don't Like Lip Glosses To Glossy If That Makes Sense Lol.
I Would Definitely Buy This Again.
Also I Want To Try The Gosh Primer Is That A Good Product To Buy?

Yesterday I Applied For A Journalism Course In Brighton As I Am Coming Back Home From University As I Finish In June, Doing The Criminology Course Has Made Me Realise You Need To Try Something To Know What You Really Wanna Do In Life, Therefore I Will Hopefully Be Accepted On This Journalism Course And Then Can Go In To Fashion :).

See You All Next Time Lauren x


  1. Hey babe, love your blog, i tagged you for an award! :)